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May 15, 2017

Tri4Kids Goes for the World Record

By Lori Draz

History is about to be made, and you can get in on the ground floor. No, this is not an investment opportunity; it’s an incredible story about a man named Lou Mucardo, who is about to tackle a seemingly impossible task on his way to the Guinness Book of World Records. Mr. Mucardo, a 60-year-old former Olympian weightlifter, has set his sights on a new achievement. He is going to establish a new world record by completing 51 triathlons in 51 days. Now, let that sink in for a moment. For 51 consecutive days, he will swim one mile, bike for 26 miles, and run for six miles…every day, for 51 days in a row.

And why? Mr. Mucardo wants to help kids. He came up with the idea and decided to form Tri4Kids, which will allow eight different child-centric charities the chance to raise funds, piggybacking with his efforts.

He is a very positive person, and his emotions about children are very close to the surface. He is moved to tears when he thinks about children who face challenges like childhood cancer, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, and others. He is equally passionate about childhood fitness and the role it plays in developing both the mind and self-esteem, especially among children who may be at risk for addiction and other negative habits. “There are so many kids out there, and I want to help them all!” he stated. “Children facing medical challenges don’t deserve their suffering, and their families go through so much. As an athlete, I also know all the benefits of fitness. There are so many kids who may not be good at sports, so they don’t join a team, and every week, they get further and further away from those healthy habits. I want to focus on those kids.”

Mr. Mucardo is nearly giddy when he talks about his quest, which is set to begin on June 17. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, and I can’t believe I won’t accomplish it. I know I can complete this task with the help of my team of sponsors and supporters. We are going to set a record helping people!” He will be taking on the role of manager of the Channel Marker Café, at the Ocean Beach Marina in Lavallette, at the same time he undertakes this challenge. He will perform most of his triathlons there, taking advantage of their waterfront location, and during inclement weather and on several scheduled days, he will move to the Community YMCA in Red Bank and the YMCA’s Camp Zehnder in Wall.

Each of the charities will get one week to be the spotlight charity, although they can keep raising funds all summer. Each group will develop and promote their own fundraiser, i.e. donating a dollar a day, etc. and they will keep the proceeds on this turnkey event. “It’s a unique opportunity,” said Mr. Mucardo, who also expressed his gratitude to his sponsors and team of believers. “Thanks to Brielle Cyclery, The Journal Publications, the Community YMCA, Deirdre E. Best, LMT and herbalist of Best Therapeutics, and so many others. Together, we will make a real difference.”

To follow Lou Mucardo’s record-setting charitable quest and get involved, visit,, or the Tri4Kids page on Facebook.