Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Mar 12, 2019

Town & Country Inn of Keyport Closes

Town & Country Inn Keyport Closes

Decades of memories were made in the Town & Country Inn located in Keyport. From 2 am burgers to traditions of Sunday breakfasts with family, the diner will surely be missed.

The diner that was once located at 48 NJ-35 is officially closed.

The Stellaki family has decided to close the restaurant’s doors for the first time since its opening in the 1980s.

Local resident Toni Casey said, “I used to come here when I was a teen. I spent many, many nights at this place, and it has definitely changed.”

The diner has lived a long and full life, and the time has come to move on, while memories are still held near and dear.

There is no official word as to what is coming here next, but The Journal NJ will share updates as they appear.