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Apr 10, 2019

Town & Country Inn is Reopening

Town & country Inn Opening 2019

On March 12, The Journal NJ reported that the Town & Country Inn had closed its doors. Many locals were devastated to hear about the loss of the once-beloved restaurant. Well we have some exciting news for you! The Town & Country Inn is reopening this summer!

Town & country inn 2019 new opening

The sign in front of the building reads, “Under new ownership. Opening summer of 2019. Town & Country Inn”

The diner is located at 48 NJ-35 in Keyport and is currently undergoing some major renovations. Each room will be updated and redesigned to encompass a more modern look while still bearing the same old-school style, according to Donna Purcell, a source who is close with the restaurant’s owners.

Town & Country inn old photo keyport

A photo of the interior of the former Town & Country Inn. Photo courtesy of Yelp.

The restaurant will also have a liquor license.

Purcell, said, β€œIf they stay on target without any major issues, [the owners] are hoping for a July 4 celebration!”

The diner was a prominent fixture in the community since the 1980s. The restaurant was formerly owned by the Stellaki family but has now been sold to the Antonata family.