Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Apr 16, 2021

Toms River Man Charged After Assaulting Jackson Police Officers and Slashing Ex-Girlfriend’s Tires

On Wednesday, April 14, Jackson officers responded to the Pineview Apartments located on West County Line Road on the report of criminal mischief to a motor vehicle.

It was reported to officers by a witness that a male had been observed puncturing and flattening a tire on a parked vehicle with an unknown object and a description of the suspect was provided. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and advised that she believed it was an ex-acquaintance who had caused the damage. She claimed to have observed this subject in the parking lot earlier, claiming that he was continually attempting to make contact with her. She provided the officers with his name and a description.

This male was then located by officers walking a short distance from the area where he became uncooperative with the officers as they attempted to investigate further. He was ultimately placed under arrest for obstruction.

Once at headquarters, he was identified as 28-year-old Ralph Lezin, of Toms River. He became extremely uncooperative and combative with officers who were attempting to process him on the arrest.

Lezin kicked at and activated an emergency button in the processing area multiple times, turned over a table in the processing room, and head-butted the mug shot camera, damaging a bracket that holds it in place. Once placed in a holding cell, he then utilized the mattress from the cot and jammed it into the toilet, and began flooding the cell.

Upon being notified that he was being transported to the Ocean County Jail and while being prepared for transport, he head-butted an officer in the face and began kicking and kneeing several other officers who were assisting. A struggle ensued to control him and stop his assaultive actions at which time he began spitting blood onto several officers from an injury he received during the struggle, striking several of them in the facial area with the blood.

He was ultimately restrained and checked by Jackson First Aid. He was transported to an area hospital for treatment where he continued his aggressive behavior with transporting officers and hospital staff. After being cleared from the hospital, he was then transported to the Ocean County Jail.

Lezin was charged with criminal mischief, obstruction by means of physical interference, aggravated assault on a police officer, and aggravated assault/throwing bodily fluid. Additional charges for threats made toward the officers are pending. He was lodged in the Ocean County Jail.

Multiple officers were also treated for minor injuries received during this incident and for exposure to bodily fluids. The cellblock area and patrol vehicle used in the transport were secured until they could be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.