Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Mar 22, 2020

To the Heroes Wearing Scrubs, the Children Thank You

When local hospital employee Ronni Diamant saw firsthand the struggles her colleagues were facing on a daily basis during this pandemic, she felt the need to find some way to show gratitude. It’s evident that not only Diamant, but everyone living through this current health crisis, knows who the true superheroes are, so it wasn’t hard to find help in her project.

Diamant reached out to the youngest segment of our community and got the grandest response. She said more than 100 sentiments of gratitude to the heroes of the medical frontline poured in from the children of Middletown and surrounding areas. Children from the area drew signs, posters and made videos, thanking our everyday, medical superheroes.

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The Journal extends a most sincere nod of thanks to the entire medical community throughout the world. The world’s focus is on you now, but your focus has always been on the world. Thank you.