Monday, April 19, 2021

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Aug 04, 2020

Thoughts of Encouragement for your Business Matters

By Glen J. Dalakian Sr.

Glen Dalakian CSAV Business Matters Colts Neck

Here is something different, for very different times. Below are a few concepts that all point to encouragement for entrepreneurs. This column’s format may be unique, but these ideas have always run through the heart of Business Matters.


Small Business Owners Be Encouraged

Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we can wonder, “Is it all worth it?” The late hours, stress, ever-changing challenges, financial concerns and all the risk involved when you invest your life into your own business. For those who are struggling and for those who are succeeding, I say yes, what you do (wherever you are now) matters. The true reward in business ownership is freedom – freedom to make decisions that affect the lives of those you love and work with, to inspire others to grow, to contribute to society in a way most people may never do, and to rise above the fray and show people the path to financial security. Thanks to all who have endeavored to start your own enterprise. We need more of you. The risks may be great, but the greater good is a higher calling we will all benefit from. In his book “Why Business Matters to God,” author Jeff Van Duzer writes, “The intrinsic purposes of business are to provide the community with goods and services that will enable it to flourish, and … to provide opportunities for meaningful work that will allow employees to express their God-given creativity.”


Trying Times Reveal True Character

When the pressure comes, emotions can run wild. Stress can have extreme effects on people. But as an entrepreneur, one of my edicts to live by is, “Never let them see you sweat.” Take a breath. Be calm and collected. The people around you are counting on your steadfast demeanor. If you must, find a private place and let loose with a scream or some tears, but the people you lead need to see you exude confidence. No matter the circumstances, address them head-on, and soon the challenges will be behind you. What do you want to be remembered for on the other side of crisis?


Rise Up and Lead

Hopefully you have been strong in weathering the storm. It has been rough, much more so for some than others, but by reading this, hopefully you have found some motivation to keep going. We need you to succeed and be the entrepreneur you were meant to be. Now is the time to rise up, so that the community around you can see your commitment and be inspired. You can be a beacon of light, even in the darkest days. Perhaps you’ll share this article, or maybe write your own. Maybe you have figured out what’s next for you and your team and you just can’t wait to share the good news. Whatever your status, we need to see you excel and when you do, those around you will benefit. “A rising tide raises all ships.”