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John Meechan Jeffrey Kniffin Gallery Residential Brokerage Red Bank
Oct 15, 2018

The Gallery Residential Brokerage Disrupts Traditional Real Estate Models

John Meechan Jeffrey Kniffin Gallery Residential Brokerage Red Bank

The third location of The Gallery Residential Brokerage recently opened at 160 Monmouth St. in Red Bank, joining other offices in Manasquan/Wall and Asbury Park. John Meechan and Jeffrey Kniffin – co-founders of this local, independent, residential real estate company – attribute their rapid growth to what they call “a regrettable, repeated pattern.”

“The public often gets sub-standard service from weekend warrior and part-time real estate agents,” Meechan said. “Full-time, professional agents take a beating financially from greedy broker-owners and corporate models.”

Added Kniffin: “We set out to totally disrupt that model, and add value to agents and the communities they serve.”

Both men have over 25 years collectively in the real estate business. They describe The Gallery as an agent-driven organization, “and we hold as our belief that great agents, when properly incentivized and treated with respect, will be wildly successful for their clients,” Meechan said.

The Gallery’s full-time professional agents “are compensated well and in an equitable manner,” he said. “Every agent runs their own personal brand under our supervision and brand umbrella.”

Gallery Residential Brokerage Red Bank

Both Kniffin and Meechan want their real estate agents to focus both on business and serving the community, so they remove anything that gets in the way of that, including unnecessary office hours or meetings. An in-house dedicated marketing team helps The Gallery’s agents build campaigns, websites and social strategies.

“We feel that by empowering our agents financially, we can allow them to support local communities, organizations and charities that they believe in,” Kniffin said. “This is a more authentic contribution than the typical corporate sponsorship.”

Among The Gallery’s agents are pet rescuers, homeless shelter volunteers, school and recreation volunteers, and people who work with cancer victims and food banks.

“We are grateful that these people make up The Gallery,” Meechan said. “Simply put, we are family men who know the value of our schools, communities, and neighbors. We have both been firefighters, EMTs and paramedics, we have eight children between us, and we share a love of our coastal lifestyle.”

Even the company’s name – The Gallery – “was chosen because we believe that our agents are ‘masterpieces’ and the public should find our corporate value in them, not what names are on the door,” Kniffin said.

The Gallery seeks to hire smart, dedicated, full-time professionals who either have their broker license, or are on their way to obtaining one. New agents can only be brought on by an agent with a broker’s license, and must work as a part of that team.

The Gallery is committed to the following principles:

• Truthfulness, transparency, and earning your trust, now and always.

• Establishing and promoting our expertise – in specializations, niches, and markets.

• Having a hand in raising the bar and standards within our industry. We are change agents in thought, deeds, and action.

• Relevancy, innovation and information, fully leveraging the power of technology, digital media, and social platforms to enhance the client’s experience.

• Being the agents that others love to work with. Courtesy, collaboration and cooperation are not just ideals, they are the foundation from which we operate.

• Aligning ourselves only with experienced, full time agents who commit to the exclusive practice of residential real estate with enthusiasm, responsiveness, and integrity.

• Life-long learning. We believe this profession should require more than a handful of continuing education hours every couple of years, so we do more, happily.