Saturday, October 21, 2017

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Jun 08, 2017

Superintendent and Principals for the Day in Colts Neck

By Tony Senk

Most parents have gotten used to it. When they ask their son or daughter how their day in school went, they sometimes get a short and semi-enthusiastic “pretty good” or, worse still, a decidedly uninterested “okay,” punctuated by an equally unenthusiastic shoulder shrug. But one day recently, when the parents of four particular students asked them how their day went, the kids couldn’t contain their enthusiasm, stop talking – or stop smiling! That’s because they were the students selected as the superintendent and principals of the three district schools as part of an annual fundraiser put on by members of the Colts Neck PTO.

This year’s fortunate four were Narissa Mesommonta, who was principal of Conover Road Primary School; Abigail Riddle, who was principal of Conover Road Elementary School; Sophie Deitrich, who was principal of Cedar Drive Middle School; and Morgan Buckwald, who was superintendent of the school district.

In addition to being lots of fun for the four students, the day was pretty informative, as well. The students had the opportunity to shadow the administrators for the day and participate in the day-to-day functions of the administrators, learn how the schools run, and offer suggestions about improvements they would like to see in the school. The four students also celebrated with a special lunch with the administrators and each received a plaque to further commemorate the day.

The Superintendent/Principals for the Day PTO fundraiser started some months ago when parents of children who “applied for the job” completed a form and returned it to their child’s teacher with a $5 donation to the PTO. The four winners were chosen at random and drawn by the previous year’s winners.

Along the way, Superintendent Morgan Buckwald made a bunch of friends with her “no homework” edict that night!

In the end, the students and the administrators, too, had a day they’ll never forget.