Sunday, August 9, 2020

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Jul 31, 2020

Stolen Cars and Attempts Continue in Monmouth County — Where Are They Going?

By Melissa Acquaviva and Julia Mortimer

Residents of Monmouth County have frequently heard about attempted stolen car crimes in recent months around the area. Unfortunately, this week has been no different.

At approximately 2 am Thursday, the Holmdel Police Department received a report from Hazlet police,  informing Holmdel authorities of six male subjects wearing dark clothes walking through developments along Bethany Road. At a certain point, the group split up. Three subjects stayed in Hazlet while three entered Holmdel. Hazlet police began surveillance of the train station on Holmdel Road due to recent car thefts and burglaries in the area.

Holmdel police were able to find the subjects after they fled on foot. One suspect was found and arrested. Shortly after, police observed a vehicle. Inside were the two subjects who fled, along with three other individuals. The two who fled were placed under arrest for obstruction. One of the three other individuals, 23-year-old Jocquan Daley, of Bloomfield, was in possession of marijiuana and placed under arrest.

The three subjects arrested for obstruction were Al-Jamir Parrish-Williams and Alex Daleus, both 19, of Belleville, as well as a 15-year-old male juvenile of Newark. According to a law enforcement officer from the Essex County’s Sheriff Department, the ages and residences of these subjects are consistent with those responsible for recent vehicle thefts in the area.

According to the Essex County officer who wished to remain anonymous, criminals range in age from minors to early 20s are are motivated by the high cash demand they could be receiving for the vehicles.

“These criminals could be handed over $5,000 in cash on the spot for the stolen vehicle,” the officer said. “With Monmouth County having many wealthy towns right off the Garden State Parkway, as well as major highways, it’s an ideal target for the getaway. They are looking for higher end cars — Porches, Ranger Rovers, Mercedes Benz — anything high end to sell or to be used in secondary felonies.”

Historically, these luxury cars were to be shipped overseas.

According to Essex County police, once the suspects are successful in the theft, they are most likely headed north again to Paterson, Newark and Jersey City where there have been numerous reports of felonies committed, using the cars that were just stolen from Monmouth County. Many of the stolen vehicles are being found after being linked to a crime. Officers often process the evidence and learn the vehicle in question is a stolen car.

Unfortunately for the vehicle owners, although the car may be recovered, it could be held for months and even years for processing.

In the July 30 Holmdel/Hazlet investigation, after the subjects were arrested, the police canvassed the area for any car burglaries or thefts. They found two cars broken into on Chestnut Ridge Road.

Holmdel police stated in a post, “We are asking all residents in the area of Chestnut Ridge Road and the Crape Myrtle Development to check their vehicles and surveillance cameras for any suspicious activity between 11 pm on Wednesday, July 29 and 7 am on Thursday, July 30. If anything [was] discovered, we would ask that you contact Ptl. John Maguire at 732-946-9690, ext. 1748.”

Police officers’ advice is simple; Lock the vehicle’s doors, and bring the keys inside the home. Some other recommended tips to keep your family and car safe are as follows:

  • Lock car doors and don’t leave valuables in the car
  • Bring keys/key fobs into the home
  • Leave keys/key fobs in a central location in the house, away from entries to avoid scanning device signal
  • Check for a valet key that is often left in the glove compartment by dealership
  • Do not leave keys in the garage

If you do witness the attempt or theft of a vehicle, you’re advised to call the police immediately. New Jersey law does not allow the homeowner to use lethal force to protect their property.