Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Nov 08, 2017

Sickles School Students “Pose for Peace”

Front row, left to right: Julie Lombardo, Josie Lombardo, Olive Patel, and Isabelle Mazzucca. Back row, left to right: Suzanne Mazzucca, Heather Lombardo, Jess Patel, and Marlena Redling. 

On September 27, the first through third grade students at Viola L. Sickles School were joined by Firefly Yogis of Rumson co-owners Suzanne Mazzucca and Marlena Redling at McCarter Park to commemorate World Peace Day with a “Pose for Peace” event. Joining them were parent volunteers Jess Patel (also a yogi) and Heather Lombardo. Together, the instructors discussed the benefits of yoga, demonstrated the connection between mindfulness and peacefulness, and talked about the meaning of World Peace Day.

“Yoga strengthens our minds by helping us breathe and relax,” Ms. Mazzucca said. “And it helps make our bodies strong by improving balance and flexibility and strengthening our muscles. It helps us to be present and connect to the world around us. We are grateful to live in this beautiful world, and we want to keep it peaceful.”

The students executed yoga poses including the extended mountain, downward dog, cat, and cow, and completed a warrior sequence including the tree pose and warriors I, II, and III. “In yoga, we honor our earth, sun, trees, animals, and oceans through poses,” Ms. Mazzucca explained. The instructors also honored the sun by leading the children through a sun salutation exercise.

The instructors explained that World Peace Day is dedicated to peace around the globe; specifically, to end war and violence. Then the instructors led the students in a Peace Pledge of “Peace Begins with Me.” To conclude the session, the students sat in a large circle and tossed a beach ball. Students who caught the beach ball then shared what peace means to them. Everyone also participated in a “peace dance,” with event supervisor and Sickles School physical education teacher Daniel Ranahan acting as DJ.

Ms. Mazzucca and Ms. Redling said, “We were impressed by the students’ excitement and attention and their thoughtful answers during the beach ball exercise.”