Sunday, October 2, 2022

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Jul 22, 2021

Shrewsbury Celebrates Fourth of July with Annual Reading of Declaration of Independence 

By Lori Draz

On a sunny Sunday morning, Americans woke up to celebrate the nation’s 245th birthday. After a year off, the patriots of Shrewsbury came together at 10 am at the historic Allen House to participate in one of the area’s most charming and important celebrations, the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Conducted by the Monmouth County Historical Association, this unique event is a spectacular way to start the holiday with the words and the hope of the Declaration ringing out in voice. 

The event began with the presentation of the colors by Boy Scout Troop 50. Next Rev. Lisa Mitchell of Christ Church led the convocation. Following remarks by Linda Bricker, president of the MCHA, the church bells of Christ Church peeled out announcing the freedoms about to be proclaimed. Also returning this year were brother and sister Mackenzie and Owen Doherty who performed a moving rendition of the National Anthem. 

Bricker reminded everyone of the Allen House’s history as a tavern and a meeting place during the Revolutionary War, making this a historically appropriate setting for this celebration. Typically, the Allen House Tavern is open for tours, although this year, the tavern remained closed for touring due to the restrictions still in place. Bricker encouraged everyone to return to Allen House when it is open, and she invited everyone to consider attending the association’s Tavernfest when it returns Saturday, Oct. 16.

Next, residents and guests of all ages lined up to read the Declaration. Each read a paragraph, while an attentive crowd listened respectfully to the words that shaped our nation. The reading concluded with Shrewsbury Mayor Erik Anderson who led the group in reading the final paragraph. 

Guests were also invited to be like the forefathers and sign a copy of the Declaration of Independence themselves.

The MCHA thanks everyone for attending. They send special thanks to the Shrewsbury Towne- Monmouth Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and their many sponsors, including Heritage House Sotheby’s Realty – Amy Almasy and Kim Quigley; Monmouth Stereo for the audio; and Jones and Associates, who provided flags for all attendees, along with recognition to all the many people in public and military service defending this nation’s freedoms.