Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Nov 14, 2021

Rumson-Fair Haven Students Display Wall of Honor

This month, the nation remembers the brave men and women devoted to the military service of this country. Honoring these veterans is part of everyday life at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School thanks to the RFH Veterans Appreciation Club and their RFH Wall of Honor. This tribute honors alumni who are currently serving in the United States Military.Β 

Club founders Mike Ponenti, James Greeley and Mike Cushing (class of 2020) proposed the idea of a Wall of Honor to RFH administration before the pandemic began, but their planning came to a halt once school shut down. This September, when school reopened, work on the wall resumed.Β 

Currently in its third year, the RFH Veterans Appreciation Club strives to give back to the community, and specifically, local military and veterans. Throughout the year, club members hold fundraisers, organize events to commemorate military holidays, participate in local community service events, and partner with local organizations to support the military and veterans. An annual care package drive through a partnership with Operation Jersey Cares has become their largest event. The group updates the Wall of Honor annually by removing and donating pictures to those who are discharged from the service, while adding those graduates who continue to enter the military and serve the country will become another focus.Β 

Current Honorees:

  • James Alexander Hile, class of 1994, United States Navy
  • Margaret Brainard Bland, class of 2003, United States Army
  • Kenneth R. Ebner Jr., class of 2009, United States Army
  • Christopher Hofer, class of 2010, United States Air Force
  • Brendan Reiss, class of 2011, United States Army
  • Kevin M. Alter, class of 2011, United States Marine Corps
  • Brian Hapeman, class of 2011, United States Army
  • Edward (Woody) Rago, class of 2012, United States Army
  • Liam Reddy, class of 2013, United States Army
  • Matthew M. Valko, class of 2014, United States Marine Corps
  • Logan Pagano, class of 2014, United States Army
  • Anthony Sciametta, class of 2015, United States Army
  • Luc Cogger, class of 2016, United States Marine Corps
  • Jamie Laughinghouse, class of 2017, United States Marine Corps
  • Theo Addison, class of 2017, United States Army