Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Aug 24, 2021

Rumson Environmental Commission Launches Green Business Seal Program

By Lori Draz

This summer, the Rumson Environmental Commission launched the Rumson Green Seal program. Representatives are inviting all local businesses to apply and help protect the wellness of Rumson. To earn the seal, businesses must implement at least five sustainable practices from at least two different categories. By implementing “green” practices, local businesses can not only become more efficient and more profitable, but they can be a community role model for the protection of Rumson’s unique natural resources while providing a safe, healthy environment for customers and employees.

Some of those actions are listed below, and reps are open to hearing about other “green” actions you may have developed. 

The Green Business Practices Checklist includes many options. For example, under the waste reduction category, businesses can earn points by offering employees and/or customers reusable items like utensils and other kitchenware, single-use container alternatives like filtered tap water, saving paper by going paperless and canceling unwanted catalogs, or composting food scraps and garden waste. 

They can conserve water by upgrading appliances, plumbing fixtures and equipment or visit for tips on landscaping with native and drought-resistant plants and reducing use of fertilizer and pesticides by using organic alternatives.

In order to conserve energy, businesses can upgrade to ENERGY STAR energy efficient equipment and appliances, switch to LED and other energy efficient lighting including exit signs, or replace all T12 fluorescent lighting with energy efficiency T8 or T5 fixtures.

To foster a stronger community, businesses can adopt a cause and support community environmental or social projects. Simply promoting this cause through advertising and social media as well as organizing volunteer hours will raise awareness and show others how they can get involved too. 

At the time of this writing, Val’s Tavern, Cups & Cakes and Curated Passage Travel had all earned their seal. 

The Rumson Environmental Commission created this program to support its mission to work with the community to protect the town’s unique natural resources. Commission members educate residents on what they can do to maintain and protect the land, water and air; facilitate the adoption of behaviors that will meet those ends; and motivate residents and local businesses to join in the effort.

To find out more or to register, visit or email Jenn Crow at