Sunday, September 27, 2020

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Jan 18, 2020

Restaurant Makes Amends after Employer Calls Local Police ‘Piggies’

Howell Police Department has received an apology from managers of a Five Guys restaurant in town after an employee at the chain greeted uniformed officers with derogatory comments, police said.

Several officers entered the establishment and were met by a teen employee who they say called them “piggies” and told staff to “get our pork.”

Patrolman Richard Robertiello said he and a few colleagues went to the burger joint Friday night during their dinner break and were taken aback to hear the rude words.

“I thought the most professional thing to do was just to turn around and walk outside and leave,” Robertiello told television reporters.

New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Colligan blasted the verbal attack on police, the NJSPBA tweeted late Friday evening.

“Our officers put their lives on the line daily and to be disrespected when simply getting a meal is outrageous,” Colligan said.

Upon learning of the comments, Five Guys’ Howell location owner Stephen Gilmartin said he immediately fired the employee and reached out to the police with an apology. He also scheduled to meet with them in person Saturday morning.

“We’re trying to put this to bed in terms of letting everybody know, obviously, that as a local organization, we don’t condone this, and also as a national organization, Five Guys doesn’t condone it,” Gilmartin said.