Friday, October 30, 2020

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Sep 25, 2020

Red Bank’s ‘Broadwalk’ Plans to Continue into the Fall

Photo Credit: @iloveredbank (Instagram)

Red Bank began its pedestrian shopping and dining plazas on June 18 in an effort to assist businesses in getting back on their feet during COVID-19. The plazas have received overwhelmingly positive feedback since they began. The “Broadwalk” allows for in-street dining and a central pedestrian walkway, enabling the public to roam Broad Street with a drink in hand.

Photo Courtesy of Delfino Family

As the fall season begins to creep in, ideas of whether or not the Broadwalk would resume were in question.

Luckily, the decision has been made to extend the plaza to a day-a-week, all-day affair. According to Red Bank Green, Councilman Hazim Yassin has stated, “With only two months left and the colder weather, I think now is a good time to give businesses who’ve been benefiting greatly from what we’ve done more of a chance to make the difference up.”

A shutdown date of the Broadwalk has not yet been determined. Yassin has stated that the decision will be contingent on the businesses success and will be monitored weekly.