Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Jul 10, 2020

Red Bank Revises Use of Pedestrian Plazas for Outdoor Dining, Shopping

Photo courtesy of Joann Delfino

On June 18, Red Bank Borough had launched the pedestrian plazas in downtown Red Bank to encourage outdoor dining and shopping in a safe environment. Plans released on May 27 included the shutting down of Broad Street, from Thursday through Saturday, as well as Monmouth Street on Sundays. Vehicles could not pass through, but patrons on foot could enjoy all the businesses that opted to open.

Since the debut of the plazas, Broad Street has drawn a tremendous amount of diners and shoppers throughout the weekends, but Monmouth Street wasn’t as successful.

Red Bank’s Economic Reopening Committee has since decided to end Monmouth Street’s pedestrian plaza on Sundays. Broad Street will now be closed to traffic on Sundays so consumers can enjoy time there.

Red Bank RiverCenter Executive Director Laura Kirkpatrick explained that the Monmouth Street Plaza hasn’t been attracting an “adequate number of diners and shoppers.” There were only three businesses taking advantage of the road closure: Jamian’s Food and Drink, Ce Le Vi, and Red Tank Brewing Company.

Dining on Broad Street has been reviewed as successful, enjoyable experience by many, with restaurants like Robinson Ale House and Char taking full advantage of the good weather and additional street seating under the lights.