Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Sep 14, 2020

Red Bank Regional High School Delays In-Person Instruction Due to Thermometer Delay

Red Bank Regional High School is beginning in-person instruction later than expected due to an unforeseen shipping delay in walk-through thermometers.

In-person instruction was said to begin last Thursday, Sept. 10, but it has been pushed to Tuesday, Sept. 15. In the meantime, remote learning will take place. The resumption of classes on Tuesday will follow a hybrid style of learning.

The expected delivery date of the walk-through units was Sept. 5, but a delivery update informed school officials that the expected delivery would now be Sept. 12. Administration was left with no choice other than to push back the starting date of in-person schooling.

Red Bank Regional High School Superintendent Luis Moore addressed the delay in a letter. Moore wrote, “We share your disappointment in this news and appreciate your patience and understanding. As has been noted previously, the safety and health of everyone will continue to be our first priority during this school year.”