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Feb 01, 2017

RBC’s Annual Coffee House Cabaret

By Lori Draz

On Friday, January 13 and Saturday, January 14, the Red Bank Catholic (RBC) Dance Program presented their annual Coffee House Cabaret. The “Winter Wonderland” theme was even blessed with a dusting of snow for the Saturday performance, but that didn’t keep the crowds away from the two-day packed-house events. The show gave the audience a taste of winter in all its many faces, from shiny icy scenes, to the warm and cozy vibes, to the classical ballet. The colorful costumes and creative choreography of dance director Mrs. Stacy Bascom and dance teachers/ choreographers Mrs. Kelly Gemellaro and Miss Rachel Wasser, with guest choreographers Cara France, Lucienne Trout, and Madison Shalloo (RBC Dance alumni), kept the audience awash in the celebration of the winter season. The dancers, members of the afterschool dance, dance department, and dance company, performed jazz, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary, and ballet numbers to songs like “Cold as Ice,” “Looks Like a Cold, Cold Winter,” “Ice, Ice Baby,” “Winter Song,” and “Winter Wonderland.” The magic evening even featured wispy white ballerinas who conjured up an indoor snow. The show was performed in the Broad Street auditorium, which had been set with long tables so families could cozy up and enjoy complimentary coffee and desserts in this makeshift ski resort. The Journal magazine, North Jetty Driving School, and the Bruch family were proud sponsors of the event.

This May 19 and 20, the RBC Music and Dance Programs will present “A Celebration of Song and Dance!” The show will feature songs performed by their acclaimed choir, dances performed by the dance department and dance company, and will include the senior choreography projects and music performed by a live orchestra. Tickets for this show will be available through the RBC website the first week of May.

The dance program at Red Bank Catholic has grown tremendously since its pilot year in 2002. Students of all levels of interest and abilities now have many opportunities to participate in dance. The After School Dance Program, offered to freshman and sophomores, is an introduction to the dance program that is offered to juniors and seniors. This course focuses upon the basic dance techniques encompassing ballet, jazz, lyrical, and musical theater dance, with an emphasis on proper technique, rhythmical movement patterns, coordination, and performance. The program meets after school during the first semester, culminating in The Coffee House Cabaret showcase of talent.

Students entering their junior year are able to elect to take dance as a class during the day. The RBC Dance Department (juniors and seniors only) delves deeper into dance techniques, encompassing ballet, jazz, modern, theater dance, and other contemporary dance styles. The emphasis is on terminology, history, proper technique, rhythmical movement patterns, coordination, and performance. Juniors also study nutrition and creating a balanced healthy meal plan. Seniors focus on the basic principles of good composition, how to use time, space, energy, and quality of movement, dynamics, and formation design as expressive tools. The class culminates in a senior choreography project, where the seniors audition students from RBC to dance their choreography in the Spring Main Stage Dance Concert.

The RBC Dance Company is an elite group of serious junior and senior dancers. They are chosen by outside judges after enduring a grueling audition of ballet and modern. These dancers perform in every show at RBC and represent RBC Dance outside of the school. Every other year, the company hosts a benefit show for breast cancer awareness, performs at Walt Disney World, and participates in master classes and workshops in New York City. This group is also responsible for all Worship Dance at RBC, bringing God to the community through movement, welcoming the freshman at convocation, and sending off the seniors at Awards Night.

All students may participate in a dance club held during activity periods, a sophomore quarter dance elective, and the Arts from the Heart Group, which performs at area assisted living homes. RBC’s Performing Arts Department’s diversified curriculum encourages individuality and creativity, which help students become more well-rounded, culturally aware, and sensitive to the arts.