Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Aug 06, 2020

Red Bank Artist’s Flag Flown at New York’s Rockefeller Center

Red Bank artist, textile designer and author Jordan Robinson’s work has been selected to be a part of Rockefeller Center’s public art installation entitled “The Flag Project.”

The international design challenge was issued in May by officials of the New York City landmark. Rockefeller Center representatives asked artists to design flags that symbolized any aspect of New York’s diverse culture. Submissions were due by the end of June. The competition received more than 1,200 entries from around the world. From those, only 180 were selected for display.

The flags will fly around Rockefeller Center’s famous ice rink and restaurant plaza, supplanting the flags of the members of the United Nations that usually fly there. The exhibit will be displayed through Sunday, Aug. 16.

Along with a design submission, submitting artists were asked to include a brief statement explaining the inspiration behind their design. Robinson reminisced memories from living in Hanover Square and visiting family in Brooklyn Heights.

“I was also inspired by the city’s industrial landscape, the hustle and bustle of people walking around the city, and natural greenery and florals found throughout NYC, from floral stands to Central Park,” Robinson said. “The deep hue of brownstones was my inspiration for the color of the ‘NYC’ type. The ‘N’ structure was to pay homage to the Twin Towers. The flowers symbolize how NYC will always thrive and come back stronger each year – to bloom even more vibrant than the year before.”

The contest commissioned work from 13 of New York’s most respected artists, including fashion designer Christian Siriano; sculptor Jeff Koons; painter, writer, mixed media sculptor, performance artist and narrative quilt maker Faith Ringgold. Robinson’s flag is flown next to Ringgold’s flag.

“I haven’t been able to see my flag in person yet, but when a fellow artist posted pictures in our winners’ Facebook group, I noticed mine flies to the right of Faith’s,” Robinson shared. “To me, that metaphorically represents a reminder that we as creators, humans, are equals. To fly at the same level as Faith’s (and everyone else’s flag) is a reminder that I can achieve my dreams if I continue to work hard, fairly and have faith. The flags were hung alphabetically, but I find it’s kismet my flag is next to Faith’s.”

Robinson earned her A.A.S in fashion merchandising from Brookdale Community College. She is the creator, founder and sole artist behind Art TuGo- Take Art With You LLC, a hand-painted and sewn line of handbags, wallets and wall art. She currently teaches a series of virtual DIY textile and canvas painting workshops in affiliation with a local shop which sells merchandise made by Monmouth County artisans.

Robinson is also a self-published author and writes under a pen name Jordan Grace. Her first poetry book was inspired and written during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s entitled “Like Flowers We’ll Bloom Again.”

To learn more about Robinson’s flag design and work, click here.