Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Oct 02, 2017

RBR Welcomes Class of 2021

On Wednesday, August 30,  Red Bank Regional High School (RBR) officially welcomed its newest class of freshmen, the Class of 2021.The freshmen traditionally visit the school a week before the official opening to meet their teachers, run through their schedules, navigate the school, collect their IDs, and (most importantly) learn how to open their locker.

Administrators greeted them with sage advice, echoed by the upperclassmen Student-to-Student Peer leaders, who acted as guides through the large school building. RBR has long organized its freshmen into a special academy, divided into three houses of approximately 100 students each. The students share the same guidance counselor and teachers who meet for shared planning times to keep close watch on their students’ progress.

Freshman Academy Supervisor Suzanne Keller also shared the most popular advice that former freshmen leave to their successors.  They include such timeless recommendations as getting involved, being organized, not procrastinating, doing homework, and not being afraid to ask for help when needed. Offering words of wisdom unique for today, former freshmen suggested that students not “plaster their lives on social media for everyone to see.” Their number one suggestion was to “enjoy the freshman year, because it goes by fast.”

Principal Risa Clay welcomed her students, stressing her open-door policy and encouraging all students to follow her on Twitter, where everything happening in the school is posted. She, like Ms. Keller, emphasized that students should get involved and take advantage of all the support offered, including lunch time peer tutoring and afterschool and evening community tutoring with staff. Students were encouraged to visit the SOURCE, RBR’s onsite clinic, should they need someone to talk to about any problem they may encounter. Principal Clay stated, “I think you will find more support at RBR then any other high school, and we also have more sports and clubs than any other school district in Monmouth County.”

Superintendent Louis Moore announced to students and their parents, who joined them later in the day, that the Class of 2021 would be the first enrolled in RBR’s new one-to-one technology policy.  In order to ensure first-class learning opportunities on an equitable basis, the board of education committed to provide every student with a Chromebook for their work in school and homework at home. While the freshmen would receive their computers in September, the rest of the school will receive them sometime in 2018. RBR also recently adopted a Google-Classroom platform for the entire school district.

The evening concluded with the traditional freshman-parent barbecue on RBR’s back patio.