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May 18, 2017

RBR Casino Night a Winner

By Nicholas Deckmejian

On April 1, the Red Bank Regional (RBR) SOURCE Foundation hosted its annual Casino Night at The Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank. Running seven years strong, The SOURCE put together another dashing evening and gave folks a reason to get dolled up and enjoy a lavish event, all with the purpose of supporting a great foundation.

When an organization like The SOURCE Foundation puts together a Casino Night, there’s no such thing as a bad bet. Attendees of the event were given the opportunity to don glamorous attire, savor good food and drinks, and ride the adrenalin rush of watching the dice fly, cards flip, and wheels spin in light-hearted spirit, because no matter the outcome, everyone was a winner.

All night long, cheers erupted from the various green-felted tables.  That’s what happens when people are actually rooting for the house to win, too; The House, in this context, being The SOURCE Foundation.  And while it might be great to collect chips to win prizes, it’s even better to see your money become the winnings of local children.

For 17 years, The SOURCE has helped support School Based Youth Services programs, so it would be a safe assumption that they help with academic and recreational support, as well as scholarship opportunities.  But the foundation also provides much needed services, such as counseling for individuals, families, those suffering from substance abuse and other crises, as well as helping provide preventive medical care. Suzanne Keller, director of The SOURCE, sums it up nicely by saying their mission is “to remove all obstacles that impede the success of young people in our community.”

No matter which way the cards were dealt, at the end of the night, luck was an indulgent lady to everyone.  Those in attendance enjoyed great company and entertainment, while countless students will have their lives positively impacted from the generosity of others. Huge thanks go to all of the event sponsors, including The Journal Publications, who was proud to be a Silver Sponsor for this winner of an event.