Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Jul 01, 2017

Principal and Secretary for a Day at Lincroft School

By Les Pierce

Every day, Lincroft Elementary students pass by the main office as they make their way to the classrooms. They likely wonder just what goes on in there, but for the vast majority, this will forever remain a mystery.     However, every year, four lucky students enjoy a firsthand insider’s experience of the office workings. They gain this access through the Principal for a Day (PFAD) and Secretary for a Day (SFAD) programs. The programs are actually the most coveted prizes made available via raffle at a Lincroft PTA fundraiser. This year, the PFAD winners were Jack Buono and Megan Molloy, and the SFAD winners were Marina Canniff and Madison Kaiser.

Jack Buono shared the morning with Principal Steven Graziano. The fourth grade student recounted the start of the day, stating, “I assisted Mr. Graziano by going into classrooms to check on the students and teachers.” He also read to Mrs. Presti’s kindergarten class. He disclosed his favorite activity was helping Mrs. Dini with her third grade class. Describing the pros and cons of a principal’s job, Jack said, “Being a principal is both difficult and fun. It is difficult because a principal is responsible for a lot of planning for the entire school. It is fun to be a principal because you’re in charge.” Megan Molloy, a fifth grade student, took over in the afternoon. Molly revealed that helping Mr. Graziano when he visited the younger classes was her favorite activity. She also enjoyed doing a math lesson with Mrs. Brown’s class. Summing up a principal’s day, she said, “It’s hard being the principal. I saw that he had a lot of work.” But, she stated, “My day was fun and I got to learn something new. I got to be a principal and be teacher.”

SFAD winners Marina Canniff and Madison Kaiser are second grade students and both hail from Mrs. Fortunato’s class. Marina manned the morning shift, assisting secretaries Joan Alfier and Marilena Rebelo. She reported that making deliveries of paperwork and materials to various classrooms was fun. Watching the video surveillance monitor was another enjoyable aspect of working in the office, according to Marina, and she was able to read to a class. “It was lots of fun. It was fun doing the work!” she exclaimed. Madison Kaiser reported for duty in the afternoon. She arrived well coached, as her sister Samantha has served in this role in years past. According to Madison, she most enjoyed going to Mrs. Boyle’s classroom and “being in charge” of the class. “Mrs. Boyle was my kindergarten teacher and she is very good,” she explained.  She also had fun spying on her sister, as she was able to view her sibling on the surveillance monitor during the entire lunch period. She stated, “Mrs. Alfier and Mrs. Rebelo are very busy all day solving problems and answering questions for everyone.”

Lunch was a highlight of the day, as all four students joined the office staff for pizza.



Top photo — Megan Molloy (left) and Jack Buono with Lincroft School Principal Steven Graziano

Bottom photo — Pictured are Mrs. Joan Alfier, Marina Canniff, Mrs. Marilena Rebelo, and Madison Kaiser