Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Jun 08, 2022

Possible Gunshots Reported Being Heard in Holmdel Area

Based on surveillance footage in the area, it is believed that the incident was a car backfiring. The Holmdel Police Department would like to thank all residents who contacted them with surveillance footage.

Today, June 8 at approximately 1 pm, the Holmdel Police Department received one call reporting that a subject fired several gunshots into the air from a moving vehicle in the area of 719 North Beers St. This vehicle was described by the caller as an older model orange sedan.

Officers interviewed numerous people in the area and said they received conflicting accounts. Some people reported hearing only one loud bang, some heard numerous loud noises, and another said a motorcycle entering North Beers Street from a parking lot was backfiring.

Officers did not locate any evidence at the scene but are continuing to investigate. Anyone who may have witnessed anything is asked to contact Detective James Corrigan or Patrolman Joseph Disko at 732-946-4400.