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Jun 27, 2017

PE Teacher for a Day at Lincroft School

By Les Pierce

Jaime Kunz (left) and Jack Buono with physical education and health teacher Justin Levine

Is a physical education teacher’s day just full of fun and games? A pair of Lincroft Elementary School students discovered the answer to that question after experiencing “PE Teacher for a Day” (PETD), a prize made available via raffle at a Lincroft School PTA fundraiser. There are two PETD prizes and the recipients share a day of assisting Lincroft School physical education and health teacher Justin Levine conduct his classes. Winners of the PETD passes were the Kunz family for daughter Jaime, a third grade student, and the Buono family for son Jack, who is in the fourth grade.

Jaime took the morning shift and reported that her main responsibilities were helping set up for the classes, making sure everyone was doing the activity the right way and assisting with bathroom duties. She said, “I really enjoyed talking to Mr. Levine and spending time with him. I liked that a lot because he’s so funny and we have a lot in common.” According to Jaime, Mr. Levine introduced her to each class by stating, “Me and Jaime are both Minnesota Vikings fans,” which she found amusing. She stated of her experience, “I realized that it’s challenging to get some of the kids’ attention and get them to listen. I never knew that sometimes being a gym teacher could be hard. Mr. Levine told me he is lucky to have such a wonderful job and he enjoys his work every day.” Jaime’s mother Tricia reported, “After school when Jaime got home, she said she had the time of her life. She also said that it was really awesome to see Mr. Levine’s perspective on teaching gym and that he made things super fun.”

Jack Buono took over the afternoon session and was put to work immediately, putting out cones for a game. He then helped Mr. Levine instruct a first grade class on a new game. He disclosed that teaching the class was his favorite thing to do, stating, “I’m usually the one being taught, so it was fun being the teacher.” The fourth grader received a whistle and Mr. Levine shared a secret about its use. “Mr. Levine told me that when using the whistle, the third time is the charm,” explained Jack. Reflecting on his time as an assistant, he added, “I truly felt what it was like to be a gym teacher. I realized it is not an easy job because if you don’t have everyone’s attention, someone can get hurt.” Jack’s mother Theresa disclosed that he was elated when returning home from school, stating, “He said he had a great day at school. He said it was fun being a gym teacher, but he now realizes how hard Mr. Levine works to teach all the kids at school.”