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Lavish Pet Care Cats
Aug 07, 2018

Passionate for Pets- Lavish Pet Care

Lavish Pet Care Cats

Wendy Venezio, owner of Lavish Pet Care is a passionate animal advocate. In addition to running Lavish Pet Care, an exclusive pet sitting and walking service, she puts her money where her mouth is when it comes to saving the lives of animals. She and her husband recently rescued 16 kittens and cats from a gasoline tank farm. She is hoping to adopt out the first group so she can foster more. “They are all beautiful and healthy and have seen the vet; some have already been spayed and/or neutered. They have had such a rough beginning and would look forward to having a forever.” August is a peak month for kittens and additionally there are many older cats who are abandoned after summer vacations, making August and September an ideal time to add a kitty to the family.

Wendy has been involved in many rescues and has supported two local charities in particular, though she works with most every animal rescue organization.

Lavish Pet Care Cat

”Animal Birth Control (ABC) is an incredible non-profit organization that helps to lower the cost of spaying and neutering at local clinics. I’m additionally a very strong supporter of the Animal Protection League of NJ (aplnj.org). “This organization does it all, from wildlife defense, feral cat colonies, and they are working tirelessly to fight against the NJ bear hunt. I have never seen any group so completely devoted to animals. They are always willing to answer any call, even the ones I’ve made regarding injured wildlife. They are a very hard-working grass roots group who survives on donations. All their money goes to defending animals. I would encourage everyone to consider contributing to this exceptional group.”

Wendy’s love of animals is what led her to start Lavish Pet Care, where their mission is providing the most compassionate and professional pet and home care for all pets. In addition to pet sitting and walking services, Lavish Pet Care also offers luxury services including pet massages, or a luxurious doggie bath, nail clipping, even tooth brushing. She also offers special organic, freshly prepared meals and an array of natural remedies such as Paw-Protect, Tick & Flea Away, Wellness Cubes, Sea Treats, ear cleaning solution, skin allergy powder, and ‘U Get Down’ – the product that keeps pets off the furniture and countertops and ‘Smelly Dog’ the natural deodorizing spray.

Lavish Pet Care also donates a portion of all proceeds to seven different animal charities yearly.

Wendy thanks all her customers but asks again for you to consider opening your home to a rescue or making a donation for their care. If you’d like to contact Wendy, call 732-281-7589 or visit lavishpetcare.com or check them on Facebook.