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Colts Neck Park System Monmouth
May 07, 2018

Park System Honors Volunteers

Colts Neck Park System Monmouth

Left to right standing:  Karen Livingston, Tracy Shiffman, Violeta Peters, Lois Lyons, Harden Fowler, Jim Gault, Jim Henry, Lillian G. Burry, Thomas E. Hennessy, Jr. and James J. Truncer (sitting) Harvey Evans, Chris Bremseth and Sandy Burn.

Monmouth County Park System hosted its annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony on March 4 at Hominy Hill Golf Course in Colts Neck.  During the event, Park System staff honored 153 volunteers who each gave 40 or more hours, and 40 volunteers who gave over 100 hours.

The Park System recognized volunteers who hit milestones in their service including Chris Bremseth, Sandy Burn, Harvey Evans, Barbara Finazzo, Walter Salzmann and Richard Merker who all gave 1,000 hours.  Jim Gault reached the 2,000 hour milestone; Lois Lyons crossed 3,000 hours; Harden Fowler surpassed 4,000 hours; Louise DelCollo topped 6,000 hours; and Jim Henry exceeded 10,000 hours.

On any given day, volunteers can be found gardening, assisting in offices, or leading a trip. They help with programs, lend a hand at cleanups, and monitor endangered birds. Docent volunteers welcome visitors and share information about exhibits, programs and facilities.   They are an essential part of the Park System’s therapeutic riding program.  Many special events and races such as WinterFest, Wind & Sea and the E. Murray Todd Half Marathon depend on volunteers to run smoothly.