Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Mar 14, 2019

Obituary: John and Barbara Grogan

John Barbara Grogan obituary
John and Barbara Grogan were extremely dedicated and loving parents. Their loss will leave a deep hole in the hearts of their family, friends, community members, and especially their children Amy (31), Jonathan (29), Andrew (25), and daughter-in-law Rebecca (28).
Both were raised from birth or early childhood in Atlantic Highlands, a town and community they loved so fondly, they spent the remainder of their lives there. John was one of three children of Agnes and Lawrence Grogan. He attended Saint Agnes Elementary School from K-8 and Henry Hudson Regional School from 9th to 12th grade. He also attended a few semesters of junior college at Brookdale Community College. He successfully started his own business, John Grogan Lawn Maintenance. A business he maintained for 35 years.
Barbara was one of six children born to Helen and George Lunney. She attended Atlantic Highlands Elementary School K-6, where she later worked, Henry Hudson Regional School 7th to 12th, and William Patterson University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business. After college she was an assistant manager at Bradley’s Department Store where she worked until the birth of their first child Amy.
John and Barbara worked hard so that Barbara could stay home with all three children, Amy, Jonathan, and Andrew. John worked two jobs for most of his life most, famously as a weekend bartender at Briody’s Black Point Inn. In the later years he also worked part time for the Atlantic Highlands Sewage Authority. Along with being a full time mom, Barbara was an active member of the PTA and an assistant coach for Little League Baseball. Barbara returned to work first as a substitute teacher and then as a full time teacher’s aide at Atlantic Highlands Elementary School. In her time at Atlantic Highlands Elementary School she enriched the lives of so many teachers and parents and was absolutely adored by the students. She was the model “soccer mom” attending soccer, field hockey, basketball, baseball, and softball, as well as track meets. Both she and John were heavily involved in their children’s lives both at home, at school, and extracurricular activities.
As a big baseball and softball fan, Barbara often kept the book for her children’s at home games. Barbara was an active softball player every summer to the current day. John also played softball in his younger days and for many years he enjoyed playing darts with his friends. Barbara was an avid walker, and could be seen most days powerwalking her way through Atlantic Highlands. Barbara and John often walked together as well as casually biked around the area. They were both beach enthusiasts and loved a good happy hour with live music. Together as well as with their children, John and Barbara took regular vacations to tropical locales, their home away from home being the Florida Keys. John was a lover of the ocean and aquatic life, a love he passed to his wife and children. Starting out as a snorkeler it was always John’s dream to learn to SCUBA dive. He fulfilled this dream first with his daughter and then with his sons. Both animal lovers they had a dog Chip and a cat Boots throughout their children’s youth.
John and Barbara touched the lives of more people than we will ever know. They were both beautiful people and regular comedians who brought love and laughter everywhere they went. To take a measure of a man you simply count his friends. They considered their friends family and their group of lifelong friends were an insurmountable part of their lives. They are irreplaceable pillars of their community who will be missed more than words. The love they have for their children and their children for them is inconceivable. The nurture and support they provided their children created healthy and successful adults. No number of words could ever capture their larger than life personalities. The impact they made the people in their lives will leave a mark of love that will last a lifetime.
They are survived by their three children; Amy, Andrew, Jonathan, daughter-in-law Rebecca, and future grandchild. May they rest in peace and be kept forever in the hearts of those they leave behind.
In lieu of flowers the Grogan children request donations to Reef Relief or the Northshore Animal league.