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Mar 07, 2017

Numbers Game at Point Road School Family Math Night

By Gena Ansell-Lande

Family Math Nights are becoming increasingly popular in schools across the country, and Point Road School in Little Silver recently hosted one of their own. Their first Family Math Night took place on January 12 and allowed parents and students to engage in a variety of fun and challenging math activities. The game stations and activity centers selected for the event focused on reinforcing standards based skills such as Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations within Base Ten, Measurement and Data, and Geometry. Besides the obvious learning potential of Math Night, it is a fun, shared experience that promotes family involvement with math. It also serves to connect family engagement to student learning. “By increasing family involvement in math and reinforcing the instruction that goes on in the classroom, we are showing parents how hands-on activities are not only fun and engaging, but are aligned to the expectations of the Common Core Math Standards,” explained Lauren DeRosa of Point Road School.

The vision for the evening was to create a variety of activity stations that parents and students could move in and out of freely.  There was an interactive Estimation Station that featured the website The student who had the closest estimation was awarded a prize. Other activities included the “What do you notice?” gallery, where students and parents were asked to leave observations and comments about unique math problems. As district administrators circulated around the room, it was evident that students, parents, and teachers were engaged in the activities and having a good time not only with the activities, but also with one another. One of the primary goals of the evening was to inspire curiosity, enhance problem solving and reasoning skills, and to develop a love of math through fun games. Based on some early parent and student feedback, the organizers of the evening are certain this was accomplished. Participants walked away with some great resources and a better understanding of the expectations of the Little Silver Math Curriculum, which will ultimately increase instructional outcomes across the district.