Monday, August 3, 2020

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Middletown Volleyball NJ
Oct 01, 2018

New Volleyball Venture to Serve Middletown Schools

Middletown Volleyball NJ

Submitted by Andrea Cahalan of Middletown

Volleyball in Middletown, a non-profit, parent funded community based organization, kicked off its first season with a girls clinic on Monday Sept. 24th at Middletown North. Almost 80 young ladies registered and attended. The first clinic was focused on basic skills and rules of the game. Five full courts of bumping, setting, serving, position roles and rotations were practiced. The night culminated in the girls practicing what they learned by volleying on each court.

The organization was founded in response to the great outpouring of interest from students attending both Middletown North and Middletown South High Schools. We are one of the few districts that do not offer an organized school sponsored volleyball team in our area.

Our primary goal is to have the Board of Education approve the addition of both a girls and boys team in both high schools for the 2019-2020 school year. Having a school sanctioned volleyball program will allow more students to become active in athletics as well as providing another avenue for possible scholarships for higher education.

Our current girls season will offer two more clinics and two game days where each team will have the opportunity to play at least 5 games and make a playoff scenario as well.

Our boys season will begin in April 2019 and will follow a similar set up of clinics and game days as the girls season. Registration for the boys is still open.

Now that our season has begun, our next step is to begin the meat of our fundraising. Middletown has always supported our children and we are counting on that same sense of generosity in the upcoming months. We will be reaching out to corporate and local businesses regarding sponsorships and donations in the upcoming weeks and months. As we are a non-profit, all donation are tax deductible. Anyone interested in making a donation (business or personal) may contact one of the emails listed below.

On Saturday, October 13th we will host our first fundraising event, a trampoline jump night sponsored by Elite Trampoline. The event is open to ages 10 and up and will run 7pm – 9pm. A DJ will be present as well as a concession stand with snack and drinks available for purchase.

For further information please contact Volleyball in Middletown at or

Also visit us on Facebook at Volleyball in Middletown – VIM or on Twitter at MiddVolleyball for upcoming events and updates.