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Nov 14, 2019

My Visit to Fox Hollow Vineyards

By Julia Mortimer

Do you like enjoying yourself on a patio around a fire pit sipping on a glass wine? If you answered yes to this question, I have good news. If you answered no to that question, well it may be time to reevaluate how you spend your leisure time. For many of you, I have just the place you’ll want to spend your chilly fall evenings loved ones and furry friends. Yes, you heard me right, Fox Hollow Vineyards is dog-friendly on the patio area. Wine, cheese, bread and dogs… need I go on? Fox Hollow Vineyards located in Holmdel on Holmdel Road is a beautiful plot of land owned by the Casola family.

Now, I pretty much know as much about wine as I do about astrophysics. I’m a communications major so, yeah, I know squat about anything ending in -ysics. So, my reasoning for going to the Fox Hollow Winery was multifaceted, not only did I want to experience this beautiful spot, but having recently turned 21, I felt it was only right to take advantage of it by indulging in deliciously fresh wines. My days of boxed Franzia White Zinfandel are over, and I am welcoming wine that questions my taste buds as to why I ever resorted to drinking wine from a plastic bag.

My sister and I pulled up to Fox Hollow Vineyards eager to drink and learn about everything wine. We walked in, past a few rows of outdoor seating and were greeted by a friendly employee (at the long bar area) who gave us the whole shtick on where to try the wines and when to sit on the outdoor patio. We stood at the long bar that seems it was dropped among the barrels of wine, the place where the magic is made. We chose five different wines to try before getting a glass to take to the patio with lunch. The wines we chose starting with the whites were the 2017 Riesling (my personal favorite), 2016 Barrel Aged Chardonnay and the 2015 Autumn Harvest, which is considered a white dessert wine. We then tried the 2018 Pink Flamingo (a rosé) and a Red Dry titled 2016 Derby Red. I asked the woman who was assisting us which wines she believes to taste best paired with Thanksgiving dinner. She suggested Riesling if I wanted white and a Pinot Noir if I wanted red. I never considered myself someone who would enjoy a casual glass of wine, but after this experience, I definitely would. After trying all of these wines, we each got a glass of the 2017 Riesling, ordered a little lunch and made our way to the patio.

It was a beautiful October day, during which sipping on wine and eating breadsticks is exactly what you should be doing. All in all, Fox Hollow Winery left me with a sense of understanding the vast world of wine and anticipating buying a bottle for Thanksgiving dinner to impress my family with. I am looking forward to taking my friends here to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine around the fire pit.