Sunday, August 9, 2020

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Jul 31, 2020

Morganville Gym First to Legally, Fully Open in New Jersey

By Melissa Acquaviva, Contributor Julia Mortimer

Outdoor training at Ovox Gym and Fitness Center

With more than 37 years of gym owner/operator experience, Stu Rosenstein, of OVOX Gym in Morganville, knows fitness and knows what his clients want — and that’s to keep their health and workouts consistent.  If the state won’t allow indoor gym use for his clients, then Rosenstein will just have to bring the gym outside.

OVOX Gym opened today as the first legally set-up outdoor regular fitness center in the state. Rosenstein has made an effort to create an outdoor workout area, featuring all the expected equipment and turf. The gym offers a plethora of classes and gyms, and more than 40 fitness machines, including free weights and cardio equipment, are strategically available on an outdoor green turf, beneath a fully covered tent. The tent complies with state regulations, just as outdoor dining, with sides that are lifted and open to allow for ventilation.

Trainers wear masks while members work out today at OVOX Gym in Morganville

“It’s been great. People are very excited,” said Rosenstein. “We have new members driving from 20 to 30 minutes away to be a part of what we have here.”

Gym-goers have been eager to return, and that is why OVOX has also taken every precaution to keep clients safe when gyms are able to open for indoor use. Rosenstein has installed more than 200 Plexiglass partitions throughout the indoor gym, so that when Gov. Phil Murphy gives the green light for indoor use, OVOX will be ready to go. That doesn’t mean the outdoor gym will go away though.

Trainers demonstrate what the indoor set up will look like once state restrictions are lifted on NJ gyms and fitness centers.

“We wanted give our members the option once things open up. If they are still uncomfortable with indoor working out, the outdoor option will still be there to use,” said Rosenstein.

OVOX did not just move its indoor equipment to the outdoor space, but instead, Rosenstein purchased an entire new inventory of equipment for his facility.

“These are protocols that everyone has to follow,” Rosenstein said. “It’s just a new world, guys. Sept. 11 changed the way you went to the airport, and COVID-19 is going to change the way you go to a gym.”

OVOX Gym and Training Center is located at 65 Route 34 in Morganville. For more information, visit the  website and social media.