Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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Sep 27, 2019

Monmouth County Through Ryan Edelson’s Lens

By Ryan Edelson

ryan edelson middletown new jersey nj red bank social

Hi everyone, my name is Ryan Edelson and I have been the Social Media Strategist at the Journal Publications for the past 2.5 years. I have enjoyed covering local news, sharing pictures of places that make people feel something, and reading the hilarious comments that you all passionately type each and every day. Before I go, I wanted to talk about why I love Monmouth County so much and why I’ve done what I did for this long. Monmouth County is the most beautiful county in New Jersey, but that’s just my opinion. Allow me to convince you by scrolling down and viewing some photos that I’ve captured during my travels. Take a look through my eyes and perhaps you will feel a glimpse of what I feel every day.

Red Bank Police Ryan Edelson Photography nj Bike

Red Bank, New Jersey by Ryan Edelson

“Back when I was your age, Red Bank was the most hoppin’ town on the weekends” is what I will tell my grandchildren when I’m older. Red Bank is probably my favorite little town in Monmouth County. From waterfront parks, to unique foods to eclectic people, you’re always going to have a memorable time in this little city.

bayshore waterfront park spyhouse middletown nj ryan edelson

Bayshore Waterfront Park by Ryan Edelson

If you’ve never drove to the Bayshore Waterfront Park parking lot to sit in your car and cry, do you really live in Middletown? #Spyhouse

highlands bridge summer 2019 2020 ryan edelson

Highlands Bridge by Ryan Edelson

There are two types of people in this world: the ones who have walked this bridge and the ones who have dreamed of walking this bridge. Lace up your sneakers and get walking!

fort monmouth oceanport new jersey eatontown ryan edelson

Fort Monmouth, Oceanport by Ryan Edelson

Gone are the days that Fort Monmouth was abandoned. The place is finally thriving with new businesses and brand new/refurbished homes. When I drive through in the mornings and see all of the geese in the field, I always wonder if I see the same ones twice.

bahrs landing highlands-menu nj ryan edelson

Bahrs Landing Restaurant, Highlands by Ryan Edelson

Have you ever eaten at Bahrs Landing in Highlands? The view is enough for me.

harmony bowling bowl china palace middletown new jersey ryan edelson

Middletown Harmony Bowl, Middletown by Ryan Edelson

Have you ever noticed the giant bowling pin on Highway 35 in Middletown? The wooden walls and tile floors in this place will take you back in time to the “good old days” when you’d hit the bowling alley with your pals. Oh but wait, there’s a Chinese food restaurant in there, and yes, it’s authentic and delicious. (One fun fact about this photo is that I scared the life out of an employee as I was creeping up beside the bushes to capture the flowers over the pin.)

middletown spirit liquors circus clown nj weird new jersey ryan edelson

Circus Wines, Beer & Spirits, Middletown by Ryan Edelson

Speaking of giant things on Highway 35, who here can resist turning their head at the sight of the Middletown Clown? I don’t know about you, but I’m always going to look regardless of how old I get. (Did my camera get a little wet taking these snowy photos? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes.)

Twin Lights navesink lighthouse highlands nj ryan edelson

Twin Lights Lighthouse, Highlands by Ryan Edelson

Sometimes you get bored and you search for something to take your breath away. Take a drive up the hill to 2 Light House Road in Highlands and soak up the view of the Twin Lights Lighthouse. Whether it’s hot outside or cold, your eyes are in for a treat.

holmdel town center nj ryan edelson new jersey

Holmdel Towne Center, Holmdel by Ryan Edelson

What is your favorite store in the Holmdel Towne Center? My two picks would probably be Marshalls and Five Below.

blue tea butterfly pea flower new jersey nj ryan edelson

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea by Ryan Edelson

But what does this have to do with Monmouth County, you must be wondering? This is what I like to do here: sip tea and live in the moment. There are so many places and spaces in this town, you could get lost if you’re not familiar with the area. Well I encourage you to fill up a thermos with a delicious tea and get lost in the world around you. Follow @LooseTeaLifestyle on Instagram for more posts by me.

little szechuan little silver menu delivery ryan edelson

Little Szechuan, Little Silver by Ryan Edelson

A locals favorite: Little Szechuan in Little Silver. People dance for this place because it’s been here for decades and because the food is pretty good too. I love it, but I must admit, it’s not greasy enough for my liking. (Yet I’ll still praise their name)

red hill road middletown new jersey nj ryan edelson winding deep tatum

Red Hill Road, Middletown by Ryan Edelson

Can you guess the name of this road? Well I hope you guessed because I’m telling: it’s Red Hill Road in Middletown! The curves, the trees, the ways the cars speed! It’s something alright. (For anyone who drove by and saw a man standing on the side of the road taking pictures, who knows- it could’ve been me! Hi!)

greek spot red bank food ryan edelson cheese

The Greek Spot the Restaurant, Red Bank by Ryan Edelson

Are you a foodie or does that word make you cringe? Regardless, we all eat and I know ALL of the best places to go. I love juicy, extravagant flavors, and if you head to The Greek Spot in Red Bank, you too can indulge in fiery cheese with a lemon on top. (I took this picture and then I devoured the entire plate. Don’t worry, I didn’t actually eat the dish because it was too hot, but I would if I could.)

rumson new jersey 1665 sign town ryan edelson

Entering Rumson Sign by Ryan Edelson

This sign doesn’t make me smile just because it’s so well-made, but also because it’s the sign you see when you get off of the Oceanic Bridge on your way to Crazee’s to get a pretzel cone.

middletown new monmouth diner car show photos nj ryan edelson menu

New Monmouth Diner by Ryan Edelson

If you’re a diner dude or a diner dame, make your way over to the New Monmouth Diner (formerly the Middletown Diner) and get yourself some pancakes and eggs or cheeseburgers and cheesecake. (Or get all four. I won’t tell.)

jannha medispa botox plastic surgery middletown nj ryan edelson

Jannha MediSpa, Middletown by Ryan Edelson

So this is me and my camera in the doctor’s room about to get some Botox for those forehead wrinkles. (Just kidding, I’m keeping the wrinkles, but if you want to get rid of yours you can go to Jannha MediSpa in Middletown. I took some photos for their giveaway contest with The Journal, but this one was my favorite. Once again, just kidding, my favorite was the photo of the tea kettle on the cold, silver medical table.)

I hope you enjoyed these photos and accompanying messages. I also hope you’ve enjoyed the news and content I have shared with you on this website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and in our monthly newsletter. The world is so vast and we could have ended up anywhere, but here we are. Let’s enjoy it and be kind to our neighbors. With all of the hate in this world, let’s make Monmouth County a getaway for more reasons than just the beaches.

Signing off,
Ryan Edelson