Sunday, November 29, 2020

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Oct 20, 2020

Monmouth County Sets Up System for Voters to Check Ballot Receipt Status

Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon, in partnership with the Monmouth County Board of Elections, is launching a supplemental system to help voters know when their ballots have been received by the County Board of Elections for counting.

The ballot tracking system, Monmouth County BallotTrax, provides online ballot tracking and offers enhanced features of status notifications to voters. Voters can sign up for the County BallotTrax at and enable notifications via call, email or text message. Voters will then receive an alert of when their ballots have been received by the County Board of Elections.

The county election offices have received reports that some voters have experienced difficulty signing up for the State Division of Elections’ ballot tracking website. Therefore, county election officials hope that the new Monmouth County BallotTrax will act as a supplemental system to ease voters’ anxiety regarding whether their ballots have been received for counting.

“The county’s election offices are teaming up to give voters an alternative system to find out when their ballots have arrived safely,” Hanlon said. “Our hope is that this system will provide voters with clarity and transparency with regard to the mail-in ballot voting process. The enhanced feature for notifications makes the process easier for voters.

For questions about the returning of mail-in ballots for counting, contact the County Board of Elections at 732-431-7802.

For questions about the issuance of mail-in ballots, contact the County Clerk’s Election Office at 732-431-7790.

Visit for information regarding the state-mandated 2020 General Election process.