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Linda Edwards Harlem Globetrotter Bobby Hunter
Apr 27, 2018

Monmouth County Medical Professionals Attend NFL Pro Bowl

By Lori Draz

Linda Edwards Harlem Globetrotter Bobby Hunter

Linda Edwards with former Harlem Globetrotter Bobby Hunter

When most sports fans were preparing for Super Bowl weekend, Linda Edwards, RN, MSN of Rumson was traveling to Orlando to join Dr. Arthur Roberts of Little Silver at a Pro Bowl event supported by the NFL Players Association. Linda represented one of only a dozen companies invited to participate in the 2nd Annual Athlete Health Celebration at the University of Central Florida. All presenters were required to have products or services backed up by research that could improve the health of the players.

Edwards introduced IASIS MicroCurrent Neurofeedback (MCN) technology to very positive reviews by the sports industry. A recently published clinical study conducted by a world-renown brain imaging team at UC San Diego showed very promising results for concussion sufferers.  A striking 54 percent reduction in abnormal brain waves and 53 percent reduction in post-concussive symptoms was achieved after only twelve sessions of IASIS MicroCurrent Neurofeedback. Study subjects reported improvement in:  headaches, insomnia, anxiety, sensitivity to light and sound, tobacco use, memory, focus, concentration, feelings of frustration and stuttering.

Dr. Arthur “Archie” Roberts, MD has been conducting athlete health screenings for the past 15 years. Dr.  Roberts graduated from Columbia University where he played three sports. He was an All-American baseball player and went on to play backup NFL QB with the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins (1965-1967). After Medical school and NFL football, he became a nationally known cardiac surgeon performing over 5,000 open heart surgeries and training dozens of young doctors in the art of cardiothoracic surgery. Dr. Roberts trained at Yale, the National Institute of Health and Cornell New York Hospital. He practiced as a heart surgeon at six hospitals around the country, including a period as Professor and Chairman of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Boston University. Locally, Dr. Roberts served as the Director of the Jersey Shore Heart Institute.  Among his many achievements, Dr. Roberts is the Founder of the Living Heart Foundation (LHF), a 501 (c) (3) national organization dedicated to combating cardiovascular disease and obesity and he travels the country, working with physicians, hospitals, NFL players and the public everywhere to create “HOPE” (Heart, Obesity, Prevention, and Education).

Linda Edwards, RN, MSN holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania. She has been trained in conventional health care, but has extensive experience in finding solutions to health and wellness challenges from all sources, especially safe and effective products, services and technologies that disrupt the conventional model of health care.  She is well known in the Rumson community as one of the co-founders of the rowing program in Rumson along with her husband Coach Dan Edwards. She has been practicing neurofeedback for three years and opened an office called ResilientMe in Rumson about a year ago.

IASIS MCN is a safe, non-drug brain training technology that uses low-intensity pulses of energy. The tiny pulsating current disrupts “stuck” brain waves which results in a healthier brainwave state. In Edward’s case just 15 minutes into her first session she experienced an end to her migraine headache symptoms. She knew that this safe and gentle technology had the capacity to help many. She works with all kinds of clients and has been focusing on athletes and working with former NFL players.  People who lead highly pressured lifestyles and need to “reboot” or refresh their nervous system can also benefit from IASIS MCN. It’s simple, painless and relaxing. Unlike traditional neurofeedback, MCN allows the brain to reorganize and release itself from frozen, stuck patterns, like re-booting a frozen computer.  You don’t do a thing but sit still for a short time. A brief, tiny signal transmitted feeding back to the brain does all the work.

Dr. Roberts is eager to bring the same experiences of the Pro Bowl to New Jersey, and he is planning a Symposium in Monmouth County this fall. If you would like to learn more about the event or the therapies, visit or