Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Feb 11, 2022

Monmouth County Historical Association’s Historically Speaking Lecture Series Explores Irish History

Bernadette Rogoff

On Wednesday, March 16 at 7 pm, the Monmouth County Historical Association will hold a free virtual event titled “Just Arrived from Ireland: Irish Indentured Servitude in Monmouth County.” Monmouth County Historical Associationโ€™s Historically Speaking Virtual Lecture Series continues on the eve of St. Patrickโ€™s Day with an exploration of this often misunderstood facet of Irish history.

Director of Collections Bernadette Rogoff will explore the little-known, heartbreaking and intriguing stories behind the importation of Irish men, women and children into the colonies during the 18th century. Indentured servants – hailing from Ireland, Germany, England, and Scotland – agreed to sell themselves and their time from four to seven years, supplementing the demand for colonial labor while hoping for a new life once their commitment was through.

Rogoff will share the triumphs and tragedies of these Monmouth County ancestors as well as the fraught relationship that existed between Caucasian indentured servants, African-American enslaved persons, and their owners.

Registration is free.ย Please click here for more information and to register.