Saturday, March 6, 2021

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Feb 22, 2021

Monmouth County COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments Pushed Due to Shipment Delay

Vaccine appointments scheduled for Monday, Feb. 22 were canceled due to the continued delay in vaccine deliveries, according to Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone and Commissioner Deputy Director Susan M. Kiley.

“The county still has not gotten notification that the vaccines have even shipped yet, and so we have no choice but to cancel the scheduled appointments for Monday,” said Arnone. “Again, we apologize for this inconvenience to those with scheduled appointments. Everyone who had an appointment scheduled for Monday, Feb. 22 should report to the same location on Monday, March 1 at the same time as their originally scheduled appointment.”

“We have been patient, but it is time to hold people accountable for this delay,” added Arnone. “The county will do whatever it takes to administer vaccines to our resident, but we cannot if vaccines are not distributed to us!”

Kiley added, “Everyone that had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 17, Thursday, Feb. 18, Friday, Feb. 19 or Saturday, Feb. 20 of this week will be contacted next week to be rescheduled. For everyone who was scheduled for a second dose, it is important to note that the second dose can be administered any time between 28 and 42 days after the first dose.”