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Sarah Jessica Curtis Silent Silhouettes Middletown NJ 1
Dec 06, 2018

Middletown Youth to Publish Third Book

By Lori Draz  

Sarah Jessica Curtis Silent Silhouettes Middletown NJ

Sandwiched between homework and school activities, Sarah Jessica Curtis, a 17-year-old senior from Middletown, will be working on her third book in a series, after she completes a book of poetry she is currently writing.

Curtis is author of “The Silent Silhouettes” and the sequel “A Second Silence”; the third installment is currently untitled. Her literary career started at age 14, when her eighth grade language arts teacher assigned a project to create her own myth or legend.

“From that project, I created a short story about these monsters named The Silent Silhouettes – a boy named Alex and a girl named Amelia,” she said. “The story was about seven pages. I realized I could make that little story much bigger and I did just that.

“Immediately after the project, I started writing my first book. I worked to publish it in the ninth grade, wrote the sequel in 10th grade, and published my second book in the 11th grade, just a few months ago,” Curtis said. “Currently I am working on a poetry book, and after that I plan to complete the trilogy of my first book series.”

Sarah Jessica Curtis Silent Silhouettes Middletown NJ 1

Silent Silhouettes book cover

She has an amazingly supportive family. Her brother, Alfredo Moreno, did the makeup and eerie cover art her first book. He also drew the main character, Amelia, and Curtis animated it on Photoshop.

“I thank my number one supporters, my family, and everyone who has given me such great reviews,” she said. “I am honored that people say I’ve inspired them. That’s what I hoped to do when I wrote my first book. Chase your dreams, no matter what age you are.”

You can find Sarah’s books in local booksellers and all major book retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Sarah Jessica Curtis Silent Silhouettes Middletown NJ Second Silence

Second Silence Book Cover