Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Feb 11, 2022

Middletown Township Announces New Program to Provide Academic and Emotional Support to Students

During the pandemic, students, teachers and parents had to adjust to the virtual classroom setting. It became evident that many students were struggling with this form of learning. Recent data points have found that about 50 percent of students between fourth and sixth grade have declined in their academic development in mathematics. 

Middletown Township Mayor Tony Perry — in coordination with the Middletown Board of Education president and vice president, superintendent, Middletown’s business administrator, and some township staff members — has announced the creation of the “Next Generation Support Program.” 

“One thing that we all saw and that many parents and loved ones were ringing the bell about was that of the quality of education their children were getting, not at the fault of the teachers, but just simply via the engagement through the computer, through the virtual classroom,” Perry said during a recent interview with Comcast Newsmakers. 

The Next Generation Support Program is designed to provide support to the students who fell behind in mathematics and language arts during the pandemic, Perry said. 

The program will provide free tutoring to children who need it as well as mental health counseling to help parents and children through this difficult time. It will connect students with teachers, retired teachers, professional tutors and counselors from the Crossroads Program at the Middletown Public Library.

Middletown received $6.4 million from the American Rescue Plan, and a portion of those funds will be applied to this program.

Mental health first aid is scheduled to start at the end of February. Academically, Perry and his team are currently working on staffing the tutoring aspect of the program. 

To view the interview with Mayor Tony Perry, click here.