Sunday, July 12, 2020

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May 06, 2020

Middletown Superintendent Announces New Grading Policy for Remainder of School Year

Middletown High School North Arrest Shooting

In letters sent out early this week, Middletown Township School District’s superintendent of Schools, Dr. William O. George, announced the new middle school and high school grading systems to take effect for the fourth marking period of this school year.

George implemented this new policy in collaboration with teachers, students and administrators in order to fully accommodate the needs of students across the vast Middletown school district while virtual home instruction is in effect. He acknowledged the differences in virtual home learning experiences across the district, noting that the social-emotional needs of the students are priority.

The new grading procedure provides opportunity for all students across the district to be successful under this new, unique virtual way of learning.

Students who are considered to have met expectations will be given a 90 out of 100, regardless of whether they earned as low as a 65 in the traditional grading method. Students who submitted work and regularly participated in virtual instruction will be given a 65 for their efforts. Further details can be seen in the chart below.

MTPS fourth marking period grading policy (high school and middle school)

“These protocols consider the varied needs of our students, including those who are contending with anxiety related to financial, connectivity and technological concerns, as well as those who must provide care to younger siblings while their parents continue to work,” George noted in the Middletown Public School district letter.

According to Middletown Facebook groups where the change has been discussed among district parents, the response has been divided. While many parents feel the incentive to achieve and push harder for higher grades is lost in this new policy, others have expressed the need for this change as no two households can operate in the same way.

Other local school districts have not yet announced their grading policies, but with this academic year nearing its end, it’s possible more will follow suit regarding the fourth marking period.