Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Mar 05, 2021

Middletown Schools Planning to Extend In-Person School Day

The Middletown School District is working to fully implement Phase 6 of its Restart and Recovery Plan. The district is planning to extend the in-person instruction day, including in-person lunchtime for students.

“In order to extend the day and provide the opportunity for students to eat lunch in school, we are working to find creative solutions to capacity restraints while maximizing social distancing during lunch time,” Superintendent Mary Ellen Walker explained in a letter to the school community.

In-person instruction has already begun for some students in February and others earlier this month.

“At each phase of our reopening plan, we have increased in-person instructional time when it was
safe to do so,” Walker said. “We continue to monitor and review the health data with our public health and
medical consultants.We will also continue to follow [New Jersey Department of Health] guidance when creating our plan for student lunches.”

The district is currently exploring staffing needs to resume in-person lunches. Applications will be available on the district’s website once positions are posted.