Saturday, May 28, 2022

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Aug 31, 2021

Middletown School Year Delayed after Mold is Discovered in Schools

The beginning of the 2021-22 school year has been delayed after surface mold was discovered in several classrooms at Lincroft and Nut Swamp Elementary Schools, according to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mary Ellen Walker.

“An environmental consultant was on site yesterday and confirmed that moisture caused mold in these classrooms,” Walker wrote in a letter to the community. “The consultant will develop a comprehensive corrective action plan, which will begin with removing the moisture from the rooms. We have contracted a service company to perform the work to remediate the mold as outlined in the consultant’s action plan. The consultant will complete multiple follow-up tests in all areas of both schools after the remediation work is complete.”

School was set to begin Wednesday, Sept. 8.

Other schools in the district are being checked as a precaution, though no evidence of mold exists in those classrooms, Walker said.

“The testing and remediation work will extend past the scheduled start of the school year for students,” Walker said. “Therefore, we anticipate students’ first day will be Monday, Sept. 13.”

Kindergarten, preschool and new student orientations scheduled for this week will be postponed, with more information expected in the coming days.

Athletics, band, and other co-curricular activities that are underway throughout the district will continue with outdoor practices and meetings as previously scheduled. Locker rooms are temporarily closed.

Walker said, “Postponing the start of the school year was a difficult decision. However, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy school environment. Testing every room in the district, as well as remediating and carrying out multiple tests at Lincroft and Nut Swamp Elementary Schools, will provide us with the assurance we need to safely open our doors to our students and staff members.”