Saturday, May 28, 2022

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Jan 03, 2022

Middletown Luminaria Fundraiser a Great Success

Last month, a fundraiser was held to raise money for Middletown families in need and the all-volunteer Middletown Fire Department.

Each participant in the Luminaria fundraiser paid $10 for a luminary kit that included 10 votive candles, 10 white bags, and 10 cups of sand to anchor the bags. On Dec. 23 at 5 pm, participants lit up their neighborhoods in a beautiful display of unity, hope and caring for their community.

The event raised $11,485.07 for two great causes.

Representatives from Middletown Helps Its Own (MHIO) and the Middletown Township Fire Department (MTFD) were presented with the proceeds on Dec. 24. MHIO President Don Skrivanek was presented $7,465.30 (65 percent of proceeds), and MTFD Chief Bernie Chenoweth with $4,019.77 (35 percent of proceeds). Each organization was provided all of the information on the event, including a list of every participant and everyone’s contribution amount (kit purchases and donations).

The presentation of the proceeds can be viewed on Middletown Luminaria’s Facebook page @MiddNJLuminaria. To see more photos of the participants’ homes when lit, visit  @middletownluminarianight on Instagram.