Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Sep 15, 2022

MaryAnn Miano Retires from the Colts Neck Library

By Lori Draz

Fear not, chefs and foodies, MaryAnn Miano is not retiring from her much-loved “Let’s Dish” column which has appeared over the years in The Journal Magazines. She will still be cooking up great recipes and interesting food facts each month. What many don’t know is that Miano has worked for the Colts Neck branch of the Monmouth County Library system for more than 15 years. She recently made the decision to retire, and on Aug. 12, the staff of the library and guests came together for a farewell party. 

Previous Branch Manager Stephanie Laurino credited Miano for her devoted and passionate service, saying, “She has been a cornerstone of the Colts Neck Library and will without doubt be missed by the patrons and staff.”

If you ever visited the Colts Neck Library, you probably know her. Miano managed the Circulation Desk for her career at the library as a senior library assistant. She was also responsible for launching the careers of many, as she trained new incoming staff members before they were farmed out to various branches of the system. 

During the party, Miano shared a story about how libraries became such a fascination to her. She shared a childhood memory of nudging her father, who had worked long hours every week, to take her to The Grand Army Plaza Library in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. She was in complete awe and vowed to read each and every book on the shelves of that enormous library someday. While Miano may not have completed that particular goal, she knows for a fact that she has touched thousands upon thousands of books in her time while working at the Circulation Desk. “I think that puts me pretty close to my childhood goal,” she said. From that point on, she realized right where she wanted to be: in her second home at the Colts Neck Library. 

Laurino concluded her speech by summing what the attendees were feeling, saying, “We bless your retirement, your accomplishments and the journeys you have yet to venture.”

Happy retirement, MaryAnn!