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Mar 05, 2021

Man Takes 4x4x48 Challenge This Weekend in Honor of Children Lost to SUDC

Brian Dragotto

In 2017, healthy Vienna Carly Savino tragically died at the age of 2. She fell asleep while watching TV in her Holmdel home and never woke up again. Her death was categorized as Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC). SUDC is relatively unknown in the medical community and general public. As a result, Dr. Denise Wunderler, DO, FAOASM, Vienna’s mother, founded Team Vienna 4 SUDC Awareness Inc. and co-founded The SUDC Coalition.

Since Team Vienna became a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2019, there have been many events and fundraisers to support the mission of SUDC awareness, education and research support. The newest fundraiser is taking place this weekend in Monmouth County, and was spearheaded by a long-time Team Vienna supporter and board member.

Brian Dragotto is taking on the retired Navy SEAL David Goggin’s 4x4x48 Challenge this weekend. It’s a grueling physical challenge during which Dragotto plans to run 4 miles every four hours for 48 straight hours, beginning this Friday at 11 pm. Each time slot will be dedicated to specific children who died of SUDC, making it extremely personal.

Dragotto said, “When I heard of this challenge, it reminded me of the incomprehensible challenge that parents who have lost a child to SUDC go through every day.” He mentioned that the only way he was going to do a race like this, was if he could run for a charity. “Knowing Dr. Denise for years, she has an unstoppable work ethic, and her nonprofit is going to have a major impact for future families who may suffer through such a tragedy.”

Wunderler said, “When Brian told me about this challenge, I thought it was an incredible idea and was all for it 100 percent. Many SUDC families have been deeply touched by his amazing gesture to increase awareness of SUDC and to honor our kids.”

Drs. Mike Savino and Denise Wunderler, parents of Vienna, with their children

If you would like to pledge per mile or make a donation, visit and click on “how to help.” You can also donate directly through Brian’s Facebook fundraiser here.

The event will be broadcasted live on Facebook (Brian Dragotto and/or Team Vienna) during his run.
If you would like to cheer/run with Brian, you can do so at Thompson Park in Lincroft (starting at the parking lot nearest Newman Springs Road) on Saturday and Sunday, at 11 am and 3 pm.

Click here to view this heartfelt video of Brian explaining the 4x4x48 Challenge and his motivation.