Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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Oct 02, 2019

Man Hospitalized After Falling From Scissor Lift

The scissor lift fell to the ground after being driven off the edge of the concrete sidewalk.

On Wednesday, Oct. 2 around 1:30 pm, a man fell from a scissor lift, which he was using to elevate himself and paint the side of a building in Shrewsbury.

He was painting the exterior of Trader Joe’s on Broad Street, near the corner of Learning Express Toys, when he drove the lift off the edge of the sidewalk, according to his employer who requested anonymity. The machine became unstable and tipped over, knocking into the adjacent storefront, damaging the wall and sending the man plunging toward the concrete below.

Police responded to the scene, and the victim was transported to the hospital via ambulance. Witnesses reported seeing the man wearing a neck brace and being taken away on a stretcher. His identity and condition are unknown at this time.