Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Mar 26, 2020

Lunch Break Continues Good Work Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Lunch Break’s Communications and Public Relations Coordinator Ellen McCarthy released a statement to ensure the community of the organization’s continued charitable efforts.

McCarthy shared, “Our lives have changed dramatically in a short time. We are faced with a public health crisis, unaffectionately known as COVID-19. Although not a welcome visitor to our neighborhoods, COVID-19 is a wake-up call to the blessings we have and the good fortune we ultimately can share with our families, friends and community members who are now more in need than ever.

“Whether it be a phone call to an elderly relative or a sandwich for a child unable to receive a nutritious school lunch, we all can do our part to ensure the well-being of our neighbors. Lunch Break continues without hesitation to serve the community in this crisis.

“We thank our board, dedicated volunteers and staff, restaurant and community partners, such as Fulfill, for the hundreds of crisis food boxes, and the Red Bank Charter School, for joining forces to help us alleviate hunger. We also continue to offer outreach assistance to those who rely on us, whether it be for meals or logistics, including Interfaith Neighbors Meals on Wheels and the residents of Wesleyan Arms in Red Bank.

“For 37 years, we have been committed to our families. COVID-19 may make us adapt to new procedures, but it hasn’t made us waiver from our mission. Soon, it will be a memory and we will be able to hug once again.”