Monday, August 19, 2019

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Evan Davis NJ Rumson-Fair Haven football 2
Dec 11, 2018

Long Snapper Evan Davis to Continue at The University at Buffalo

By Les Pierce

Evan Davis NJ Rumson-Fair Haven football 1

One would have to wonder why anyone would pursue the football position of long snapper, which tops the list of unsung heroes of the game. Absolute perfection is the minimum requirement of the player responsible for delivering the ball quickly and accurately to the punter or field goal holder. There is no recognition by the announcer about a successful snap; only a flawed delivery is subject to multiple replays and commentary.

Evan Davis of the Rumson-Fair Haven football squad (RFH) had good reason to take on the role, to fulfill his dream of continuing his football career at the collegiate level. That dream has come into fruition as he has been recruited by and committed to The University at Buffalo.

The senior Bulldog also plays left guard on the offensive line, but surmised he was not big enough to persist in that position beyond high school. Accordingly, he committed himself to developing competency in a skilled position, leading him to the snapper job.

“In eighth grade I knew I wasn’t going to be a huge lineman, but I wanted to play in college,” Davis said. “My coach put me in for field goal snaps and I wasn’t terrible at them, so that’s how I started with snapping. Going into freshman year, I began going to Special Teams Solutions and Rubio Long Snapping camps to help me become better at snapping.”

Evan Davis NJ Rumson-Fair Haven football 2

Evan Davis (60) leads his team onto the field

In addition to providing training, snapping camps also rate the performance of participants, providing metrics that can be utilized by college recruiters. Davis is nationally ranked by Rubio Long Snapping with a 4.5 star score. He also finished 12th nationally at the 2018 Hammer Kicking Academy Top 40 Camp competition in Florida.

The lifelong Fair Haven resident practices extensively during the off season. A couple times a week, he goes to the RFH field accompanied by either his dad or brother who act as the holder receiving the snaps – and they are always sure to bring gloves!

Inclement weather does not dissuade the determined Davis. On those days, the practices are held indoors at his grandfather’s shop in Atlantic Highlands, where they lay down a strip of turf to emulate field conditions.

Davis explained, “Long snapping looks easy enough, just chucking a ball upside down between your legs. But the accuracy and speed that a good snapper has and maintains, is very underrated and arguably the most pressuring position. I put myself in a mental state before each snap. Emotion cannot enter into the task at hand as the snap must be exactly the same every time.”

RFH Special Teams Coach Matt Walsh said, “The long snapper is the vital key to a successful special teams unit. Evan has honed in on the craft and has been a significant component to both the punt and field goal team’s success. Evan’s ability to get the ball the to the holder or punter with the speed and accuracy in which he does has helped us improve field position over the course of games, a major factor in the successes we have experienced this season.”

Davis’ mother, Aileen, offered insight as to his passion for the sport. “Evan was born loving the game of football. His grandad gave him a full-sized football the day he was born, and he carried it with him everywhere most of his growing years,” she said.Evan Davis NJ Rumson-Fair Haven football 3

“He was an extremely active child, and the only two things that kept him sitting quietly were Thomas the Tank Engine and a good college football game,” she added. “He knew every college football mascot by the age of 4. Football has always just been such a part of who he is.”

Davis embraced a goal to play football at the collegiate level and has achieved that aspiration through hard work and dedication. Anticipating the fulfillment of his dream, he said, “I cannot wait to go up to Buffalo. I love the school, the team, the city, everything there is all I ever wanted.”