Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Jun 10, 2022

Long Branch to Sue the Organizers of ‘Pop Up Party’ Held on May 21

On June 8, the City of Long Branch announced it is taking legal action against the organizers and promoters of the unauthorized and dangerous “Pop Up Party” that took place on May 21.

Advertised on social media as a party with free food and music, dance contests and paid fights, while also encouraging attendees to bring their own liquor and cannabis, 5,000 people descended on Long Branch on May 21. As the crowd grew, fighting broke out, several arrests were made, and a police car was damaged.

Now, Long Branch is seeking to hold the “Pop Up Party” organizers financially and legally accountable.

“The organizers of this event necessitated a large police response and eventual cleanup of public areas at Pier Village, costing city taxpayers approximately $25,o00. Their actions have also harmed our city’s businesses and reputation, so they should be held responsible,” said Mayor John Pallone.

“Enough is enough,” said Public Safety Director Domingos Saldida. “These ‘viral’ parties are likely to get bigger and more dangerous until we do something about it. Hopefully, making the organizers pay the price for their behavior will deter them from putting together an unpermitted, illegal event in Long Branch in the future.”

Mayor Pallone added that “our city is open to all kinds of events, but we also have rules to keep people safe. If you want to have a gathering, apply for a special event permit. Don’t drink alcohol in public or smoke on our beaches. Don’t engage in disorderly conduct. The organizers of the May 21st event broke all those rules and put our city in harm’s way. That is why it is so important that we hold them accountable.”

While the organizers of the May 21 party are attempting to hold another unpermitted event on June 19, the city is taking all available measures to restrain them from advertising it, as well as protect Long Branch residents and property.

To read the lawsuit documents, click here.