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Jul 16, 2017

Local Resident, Business Owner, and Philanthropist Tom Nardini Needs Your Help

By Lori Draz

Ten years ago, The Journal ran an article about a lifelong Colts Neck resident and Middletown business owner named Tom Nardini. That article helped save his life. Now, we need to do it again.

A 2007 Journal article about Tom Nardini’s first search for a transplant

Our Journal author, Tony Senk, did some of his finest work for that original article, sharing the story of this generous man who was diagnosed with a kidney disorder so rare, only 215 cases a year are diagnosed. Tom’s only hope was a transplant, and that happened. Now, ten years later, Tom’s kidney is failing and he is in desperate need of a donor.

Tom is well-known to many for his abundant philanthropic work. He has raised millions of dollars over his lifetime for numerous charities like the ALS Foundation, MS, and many others, including spearheading the Parker Family Clinic in Red Bank, which provides free medical care for those in need. He was a great friend and fundraiser to St. Mary’s Church of Colts Neck, where he and his wife Lucia raised their son, Tommy Jr., and daughter, Nicole, in the Catholic tradition, and where he also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the church. In 1989, he started the Institute for Children with Cancer and Blood Disorders at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and the Wheel to Heel Bike Fundraiser. Anyone who worked on any of his charities never missed his meetings, which were held at his home on Cloverhill Road in Colts Neck. That’s because Lucia cooked a huge Italian feast before each meeting, and volunteers always left with lunch for the next day. Things always go better on a full stomach.

The Nardini family

Tom is now the proud grandfather of six grandchildren, and his son Tommy Jr. and daughter Nicole are carrying on his traditions.

Whatever Tom had, he shared. His time, his energy, his passion, and his enormous personality and sense of humor – no one can make you laugh like Tom can, and even now, he still has time to joke around with his doctors and other kidney patients.

The family’s store, Quality Carpet and Interiors in Middletown, was a favorite stop for fashionable and elegant interior design, and there were always plates of pastries and candy to greet each shopper. Everywhere Tom was and is, is home.

“I know miracles happen and I need one now. I have so many more things to do, so many more songs to sing, meals to make, and people to help. I am praying that someone will give me that chance, so that I can use the time to make a difference. Please say a prayer not only for me, but for all the others on waiting lists all around the nation. And most importantly, cherish every second you have with your family and friends,” he says.

Tom also expressed his profound gratitude to his first donor, Harry Warren of Colts Neck, whom he refers to as a true hero. Harry and Tom remain very close friends to this day.

Tom is blood type O positive and is in good health overall. If you know someone who can help, please contact New York Presbyterian Rogosin Clinic at (212) 746-1742 or the transplant coordinator at (212) 746-3099. You can also reach out to Tom and his family directly at (732) 567-8947.