Monday, November 28, 2022

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Aug 04, 2022

Local Police Advise on How to Prevent Car Thefts and Burglaries

Many local police departments are investigating high end motor vehicle thefts as well as a rash of car burglaries. The #9pmroutine campaign has been adopted by many police departments across the country. The purpose is to remind people to check that doors to your home are locked, as well as any valuables taken out of cars and car doors locked. If you see suspicious activity, please contact 911 or your local police department.

Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips:

  • Ensure your vehicle is always locked.
  • Never leave a window open.
  • Ensure all valuables are kept out of sight.
  • Never leave your vehicle running.
  • Never leave your keys or fobs in your vehicle.
  • When parking, turn the tires toward the curb. This will make it difficult to tow.
  • Always use your emergency brake.
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lighted area.
  • Try to park your vehicle in attended lots. Criminals do not like witnesses.
  • When parking your vehicle in an attended lot, always use your valet key.
  • Never Leave the title or registration in your vehicle when it is unattended. A thief will use these documents to assist in selling your vehicle.
  • Disable your vehicle when leaving for extended periods of time, i.e., disconnect the battery.
  • Use locking screws on your license plate.

Whenever possible, use all available anti-theft devices, including:

  • Steering wheel locks
  • Window etching
  • Vehicle tracking devices, i.e., LoJack
  • Audible alarms
  • Armored collars around steering columns
  • Devices to disable the gas or brake pedal
  • Wheel locks
  • Gear shift locks
  • Hood locks
  • Fuel kill switches
  • Ignition kill switches